Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sex and the Serial Killer Part 4: The Act

Due to the topic of this essay let me first note that things may get a little graphic, please be advised.  For the average male the act as a stage covers the end of foreplay up to and including orgasm; for the killer committing the actual murder or whatever specific act pre or post that which brings him to orgasm qualifies as the act stage.  (For those that get their sexual gratification post crime, like David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz, it'll be whatever part of the crime they're thinking about when sexual release occurs.)

The Act

From the end of the foreplay stage to orgasm really isn't that long; just a moment or so of pure bliss.  But it is, generally, pure bliss...something that a person will want to experience again and again...and again.  Whether it's with the same person or not is a matter of preference.  So is, exactly, what pushes the person over the edge and into orgasm.

~ Average Joe ~

Some men can get off through just intercourse with their partner; some simple adjustments in pace and force of thrusts and they're all good.  Though there's the possibility that the lovers' positions will need to be changed or even the form of sex act (vaginal, oral, anal, etc) itself must be differed.  Others, however, might require an extra special something else to push them over the edge.  Frequently these are things that have started during foreplay and are then done with increased frequency (and/or pressure and/or speed depending on what it is) as orgasm gets closer.  For some men it's a phrase or word or even just a sound from their partner and for others it's a certain "move" - stroking or pulling of the hair, soft kiss or bite of the neck, etc - they or their partner makes that sends them over the edge.  Of course it could also just be the look of love, attraction, and arousal in their lover's eyes that causes the man to climax...feeling so good that they gave their partner so much pleasure.  Whatever it is that pushes them to the moment of orgasm, when it occurs, it's an incredible release of pressure that'd been building since the first stage of the fantasy.

~ The Killer ~

Similar to the average male some killers are just fine getting themselves off with the straight up act; just the kill by however method they might prefer (the preference can be part of the fantasy or simply because one method is easier than another for the killer).  But most need a great deal more than that...probably because they have a richer fantasy stage than any normal person would.  Generally they need to act out a whole scenario, one that's started (in action) in the foreplay stage.  However, like the average joe, there can still be one thing that really sends them over into ecstasy.  For some it's the look of utter terror in their victims (like with Foyet who, once seeing it, kills with the final thrust of the knife or pull of the trigger) and others it's the blood and/or tears they cause to seep, ooze, or pour out of their victims.  Still others it's actually something that occurs after the murder itself - like the mutilation of the victim's body or a provocative pose they put the body in postmortem, for instance.  No matter what it is, exactly, that brings the killer to climax it's the power they feel over their victim that's at the's this feeling of power, of control over another human being, that is what's so arousing to these killers.  And, like with the typical male, the moment of orgasm is an incredible release of pressure that'd been building since their fantasy phase started in their youth.

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